We supply IT equipment to companies. From cables to whole networks. Any budget.

We supply IT equipment to companies. From cables to whole networks. Any budget.

Networks, Servers, Office Equipment
We work in Serbia and Montenegro
Deferred payment, up to 30 days








We work with 100+ globally recognized technology vendors
Ukraine  Russia  Serbia  Germany  Switzerland  Poland  Romania  Bulgaria  Sweden  England  Egypt  India  Singapore  Vietnam  Australia  Canada  USA  Brazil  Argentina  Italy  Spain  Portugal
Ukraine  Russia  Serbia  Germany  Switzerland  Poland  Romania  Bulgaria  Sweden  England  Egypt  India  Singapore  Vietnam  Australia  Canada  USA  Brazil  Argentina  Italy  Spain  Portugal

10 years Global Experience

Over many years of working we know and trust the equipment that we supply.

Our engineers are experts in the technical features of the equipment we recommend to our clients

  • Compatibility

  • Replaceability

  • Relevance

This guarantees that your IT infrastructure will work effectively

We follow a number of principles that will save you time, stress and money

Listening to your needs
We only select equipment which fully corresponds to your demands
Where necessary, we will offer you high-quality alternatives
Scope of our business
We work directly with suppliers from around the world

How we work

1. Your request
We receive your application
2. Define the details
If necessary, we ask you for additional information
3. Send a quotation
This includes specifications, prices, delivery times, payment terms, validity of the estimate
4. Sign the contract
We agree to the terms of cooperation and start to work
5. We deliver the order
We check the order for complete compliance with the configuration. Each shipment is insured.
6. Close the deal
You receive the goods and accompanying documentation

We stay in touch even after the order is delivered

Throughout the equipment’s warranty period we will be there for you
If the warranty has expired, we can provide post-warranty service


What kind of equipment can you supply?
We can bring you any network, server or office equipment you need. We are not tied to the local market and work with suppliers from around the world.
How long to wait for delivery?
Delivery times are calculated individually and depend on many variables: the production capabilities of the manufacturer, the type of equipment, any customizations you may have specified. When sending aquotation, we will inform you about the estimateddelivery time.
Do you work without prepayment?
We work with medium and large companies and we know that it is more convenient for you to work on an after delivery basis. Therefore, we offer flexible payment terms with the possibility to defer payment by up to 30 days

Submit any kind of request

We will process it and reply within 1 business day
We communicate in 3 languages: English, Serbian and Russian
We save your time because we are always ready to work quickly and efficiently
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